jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2009


I'm write this report because I know that you enable a room for new students in the area of English, to that used in the time with no classes.I think a great idea because I like old student at the university believe that there is not a specific place for students of English, then I think the new students of English will be happy to have a place to chat in English or make their respective tasks.

My advice is that the classroom should be divided into schedules so all students have the chance to use and does not form a disaster, I also believe that besides being a place to talk should be a place with computers to also be they can practice in either learning new vocabulary and so on.

In my opinion I consider it a good idea and that should have been created much earlier, so that students can have our own space.

Your Faithfully.

Paulina Figueroa.

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