jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2009


I'm write this report because I know that you enable a room for new students in the area of English, to that used in the time with no classes.I think a great idea because I like old student at the university believe that there is not a specific place for students of English, then I think the new students of English will be happy to have a place to chat in English or make their respective tasks.

My advice is that the classroom should be divided into schedules so all students have the chance to use and does not form a disaster, I also believe that besides being a place to talk should be a place with computers to also be they can practice in either learning new vocabulary and so on.

In my opinion I consider it a good idea and that should have been created much earlier, so that students can have our own space.

Your Faithfully.

Paulina Figueroa.

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

Formal transactional letters...

Dear Editor:

The reason for my letter is to clarify a few things that came out in the written report published by the newspaper last weekend about the shows, I had the time to read again and again the report and realized that there were many errors and many important enough data were altered and in some cases ignored.
For example first the demonstrations were not only on the extinction of snails, also on the destruction of forests. Second place was a big mistake to write and say that the number of people who attended the demonstration was about 200 and the truth is that they were more than twice that or 2000 people, big mistake not you think?.
Another of the mistakes that you and your editorial was that said all the protesters shouted slogans and the truth is it was a very peaceful and silent demonstration. You said the "troublemakers" were people from other parts of the country and that is absolutely false as many of them were residents of the same place.
Therefore I would like you could send a reporter to my home in order to clarify the doubts and mistakes so that you can be given good information to readers and gladly answer any necessary questions.

Your , Faithfully

Paulina Figueroa.

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Earth and Environment.

Ten years ago when we went with my family on vacation in southern chile something rather special happened to us, we did not know the south of Chile but we had heard that the climate was quite varied that one day could be very hot and the next day rain could very strong, and one day my family went to the lake Caburga that was a very nice day it was very hot so we went to the lake, and when we returned to the camp the day began to darken it began to run much wind blowing very strong and it rained in torrents with my sister was terribly concerned that the trees were moving much and for a moment the power went off and stayed in the dark and can only hear the wind blow and the trees which moved from side to side.

jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

What can ordinary people do to help in the flight against crime?

This article is dedicated to the youth of chile...

In my opinion crime in our country and is fairly common, because every day in the news we hear of robberies to assaults on houses shops, kidnapping, drug trafficking and the laws are getting worse for prisoners who take but within days they are released for lack of evidence, we're really bad, and the most disturbing of all is that they are children of 11 and 15 years who rob, assault, so children are not afraid of anything because they know that the taken prisoner and then released because they are minors.
so I think it is very important for people especially the youth take the initiative to be good people, trying to be professionals to motivate their peers to start recreational sport where youth can express themselves and thus reduce crime in our country also a very important role as parents met and these are the example for their children so if you live in an environment of social danger, do not imitate the bad habits that you can be a young professional.
and most importantly is that if you let yourself go with the environment in which you live you will be a criminal and I think your as young do not deserve this life, take advantage and enjoy your youth.

jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

Informal letter.

Dear Andrea:

writing to tell you that attended last weekend a very special celebration in my country that are national holidays with my family went to a "Fonda" which takes place in a very characteristic of my country chile that is "CENTER Estación Mapocho "had a great time there we ate a lot of typical food of chile, such as empanadas, anticuchos, beer and of course we dance" Cueca "the typical dance of Chile.

I love these events as we celebrate the Independence of my beloved country Chile and the people in those three days of celebration goes very happy because all the places in Chile marks the 18 SEPTIEMRE.
I would love you to be here once when celebrating the holiday so important for my country Chile as they are very funny and so you can learn all the most typical starting chili and finished her dance for their meals and game features.

Andrea dear good hopefully we can see


Paulina Figueroa.

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Part 2

Number 6:

Dear Alvaro:

Last month with my parents I visited the Canelo beach and when arrived in this place I remember a lot of things , when we went to the vacations in this place with all our family my fathers , your fathers my sisiters and your brothers our grandmother and grandfather you remember? so last month when I arrived the same house when we went to the vacation ten or twelve years ago but the place have a lot of changes for example you remember when we walked to the beach every days for dust way?, well now this way is pavement . and the beach is a exclusive because the people to visit this beach have money .
when I went to the beach I would like to come back a child when we played tennis and football and you learn me to shoot the ballon, I would like to come back to Chile and together visit this place because is beautiful and we have a lot of reminder when we were a child.
I hope to visit CHILE and one day go to the beach and together remind the beatiful things because I feel veru happy .

Bye see you ...


Mid- term writing task.


Dear Helen Ryan:
I'm felt very happy when I recived your letter with notice because I never think that I won this competititon,I don't believe I think that is a dream because I like to met USA because is the most beautiful place, I always saw the television their beaches, etc deferents places and I love it.

I would like to travel in July because in this month in USA is summer and I woul like to visit different beaches and I think the people in the camp in California are very nice and fanny.

In your letter said that I choose one activity and I prefer to do pothography because my friends and my family believe me. and when I will be old woman my grandson see the pothography and remember when her grandmother visit USA.

Yes, I have one question, for the travel I can go with one person?, your answer is yes , I'm feel very bery happy because I invite my sister because she study english and this trip help her very much for practice her english and I learn english to because I think english is beutiful laguage but very difficult learn, and the answer is no, don't worry will be the second time.

Your Sincerely

Paulina Figueroa.